The Preparation

After making your initial enquiry (see below), you will be invited to attend the next available Baptism Preparation Evening on a Monday in St Augustine’s Parish Church. On that evening the clergy will talk about the meaning of Christian Baptism and explain how we baptise children here at St Augustine’s. As part of the evening there will be opportunity for prayers of thanksgiving for the birth of your child, and your child will be signed with the cross in Oil of Catechumens (special oil blessed by the Bishop for those preparing for Christening) as a sign of preparing them for their Christening. Please be sure to bring your child with you!!

The Christening

Christenings (baptism) usually take place on a Sunday afternoon, but can, by special arrangement with the clergy, take place during Parish Mass on a Sunday morning.

First of all the priest taking the service will make you and your family welcome to St Augustine’s on this special day and explain how everyone can join in to show their support for you and your child at their Christening. The priest will then invite you to say that you want to have your child baptised and also to tell everyone your child’s Christian names.  

Along with the Godparents and all your family and friends, you will be asked and encouraged to support your child on their Christian journey and, by your prayers  good example bring them up in the faith of Jesus Christ. After a short bible reading and a brief talk, the priest will then ask you and the godparents three questions – Do you turn to Christ? Do you repent of your sins? Do you renounce evil? This is followed by the priest inviting to confess you faith in God who is revealed to us in Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

After blessing the water in the font your child will be baptised by having water poured over their head in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Your child will then be anointed on the crown of their head with sacred Oil of Chrism (oil consecrated by the Bishop along with the priests of the Diocese) as a symbol of your child being blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit at her/his baptism. We will then pray the family prayer which Christ himself taught us – the Lord’s Prayer and pray for you and your child that you may know God’s help and guidance as you bring them up in the Christian faith. The service ends with the blessing.

The Welcome

As most baptisms now take place outside the main Sunday Mass, you will be invited to attend Parish Mass on the First Sunday of the month following your child’s baptism, along with your child’s godparents.  During Mass your child will be prayed for, along with the parents and godparents and at the end of the prayers your child will be welcomed into the family of the church by the whole Christian family at St Augustine’s.

At the end of Mass the priest will light your child’s baptism candle from the paschal candle and hand it to one of the godparents, to show that your child has passed from darkness to light through the saving waters of baptism.  You are then most welcome to join us for a cup of tea or fresh coffee after Mass.

Frequently asked questions

  •  What does a Christening cost?

There are no charges for Christian Baptism, although you and your guests will be invited to show their support by making a donation as they leave the church, preferably using a Gift Aid envelope to enable us to claim back tax on their donation.  Our church is beautiful, well maintained and will be heated and well lit for your service and we hope that you will show your appreciation by being generous!

  • Can we sing hymns?

You are most welcome to sing hymns at your child’s baptism, but please let us know that you want hymns at the time of booking, rather than at the last minute.  We can arrange for our Director of Music or another organist to play.  For an organist you will pay a fee of £75.00.  The organist will play up to three hymns during the service as well as music before and after.  Please note that is you professionally video the service, his fee is doubled to £150.

  • Can we take photographs or video the service?

Unless you have paid for a professional photographer/videographer and they have consulted the priest taking the service beforehand, no pictures or filming may take place during the service. You are most welcome to take pictures afterwards, gathered around the font.  If anyone is caught taking pictures during the service they will be asked to stop doing so.

  • Do the parents or godparents need to have been baptised themselves?

Parents do not need to have been baptised themselves, although you might like to consider being prepared for baptism yourselves, so that you can grown together in the Christian faith as a family.  Godparents must have been baptised. If you wish to call someone a godparent who has not been baptised, they will be entered in the register as a ‘sponsor’ rather than a godparent.  Potential godparents who have not been baptised, may, like unbaptised parents, wish to consider being prepared for baptism themselves.

  • How many godparents can we have?

A child must have at least one baptised godmother and one baptised godfather.  Traditionally a boy will have two godfathers and one godmother and a girl two godmothers and one godfather.  A total of six godparents is the maximum we can allow to take part in a service.

Arranging your child’s Christening at St Augustine’s Rumney.

Please fill in the enquiry form and we will be in touch with you to invite you to a Baptism Preparation Evening at St Augustine’s.